Permanent employee hiring:

Campus Marg has a unique band name for permanent hiring, we works closely with your hiring managers to understand and provide the best possible resource to work directly in your company.

Companies Depend On Direct Hire Services To Grow And Restock Their Resources Internally As Well As For Any Project-based Work. Our Direct Hire Service Is Personalized To Match The Immediate Needs Of Your Company. We Have Developed Several Effective Plans To Connect You To The Most Suitable Professionals. It Would Take No Time For Us To Propose Candidates With Qualities Specific To Your Needs. Spell Out Your Direct Hiring Needs And We Will Customize The Solution For You.

Retainer search:

Our practiced high end recruiters act as a dedicated resource and work enthusiastically to fulfill your requirements, they understand and refines your job specs, and by conducing superior job analysis they entices some of the best talent in the market.

volume hiring:

Campus Marg find the innovative strategies in bulk hiring of people, We provide best-in-class high volume hiring techniques, instant fulfillment, key ramp-ups and sustained talent supply in high attrition prone business. We associated with most of the Govt, semi Govt, NGO's, and private organization pan India. We can create a pool of job seekers in required place, where we can fulfill our volume based hiring.